We must equip young people to bounce back into work

04 Nov 2019

Conventional wisdom assumes that if a young person can just get a first job, they will stay in work. Recent research shows this…
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What does nail polish and weightlifting have to do with inclusion?

‘If you can just get more skills, you’ll have a leg up on opportunity.’ This familiar promise is not holding true for a…
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How 18 minutes changed a life, the power of empathy

The employment conditions in South Africa are bleak. So bleak, in fact, that there’s an overall unemployment rate of 27%. That rate hits…
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LinkedIn to Job Opportunities: Experimental Evidence from Job Training in South Africa

20 Sep 2019

In 2016, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shot videos like this to present his company’s ambitious vision for a global “Economic Graph” mapping every worker, company,…
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15 Sep 2019

5 lessons about evolving talent to drive impact at scale

The road to impact at scale is a nonlinear, complicated one! This just released report from Scaling Pathways, a partnership between the Skoll Foundation, USAID,…
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Reduce gender penalties to level the playing field for jobs

National Women’s Day (9 August) celebrates the courageous women of 1956 who fought for equality and freedom in South Africa. While progress has …

New funding to grow jobs and work experiences for work-seekers

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator and LGT Venture Philanthropy have entered into a partnership that will support Harambee’s …

Breaking Barriers May 2019

23 Jul 2019

Social impact bonds addressing youth unemployment

In the nascent impact bonds market, employment is one of the most popular sectors, representing nearly a third of the deals contracted globally. After…
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The Kasinomic Entreprevolution

24 Jun 2019

Unemployment has been declared a national crisis in South Africa. Half of the countries youth are unemployed. Can entrepreneurship provide the answer? The…
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It’s all about employability

03 Jun 2019

The numbers released last month by Stats SA remind us that we have an unemployment crisis in South Africa, especially among youngsters. More…
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Harambee wins the 2019 Conscious Companies Award

27 May 2019

In celebrating South Africa’s visionary companies and leaders committed to business as a force for good, Harambee received the 2019 Conscious Companies award…
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Why ‘signals’ can matter as much as skills in youth employment

15 May 2019

It’s the same story time after time. Employers report not being able to find the right talent because of a lack of skills…
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Helping young people engage with opportunities outside of the formal sector

At 54%, South Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world. At the forefront of this battle is Harambee Youth Employment…
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High unemployment is a symptom of South Africa’s economic malaise

26 Apr 2019

After leaving school in 2006 Delvia Mbalati spent the next 12 years looking for a job. Her search took her from her village in…
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Accelerating english through binge watching

05 Apr 2019

“One language is poverty,” Annah told us. “Two languages is wealth,” she said, breaking into a smile. For a young woman who has…
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Harambee wins the 2019 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship 

01 Apr 2019

The Skoll Foundation announced today that Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator has received the 2019 Skoll Award…

Harambee is recognised for its contribution to addressing youth employment

The Skoll Foundation announced today that Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator has received the 2019 Skoll Award…

Think you’re too small to become a top employer? Think again!

14 Mar 2019

Becoming an employer of choice is not only for large companies and corporations, nor is it as unattainable as you might…

Driving inclusive economic participation

01 Mar 2019

The Premier’s Service Excellence Awards that took place on 28 February 2019 recognise dynamic, high impact, responsive…

The cost of looking for work

We took a peek at the ITU’s (International Telecommunication Union – an agency of the UN) comparative price basket for a…

Getting to the meat of it – a demand for butchers

26 Feb 2019

Strange but true; there’s a demand in South African for butchers. This scarcity is in part driven by the high cost of a year-long…

Harambee disrupts South African BPO using impact sourcing

14 Feb 2019

Momentum around South Africa’s outsourcing sector continues in 2019, with that country’s BPO stakeholders charging…

Breaking Barriers Feb 2019

10 Feb 2019

Will AI be put to work for humankind – or will it be the other way around?

05 Feb 2019

It’s an overcast winter morning in Amsterdam and journalists from around the world are being herded into the Google…

Changing the System in 2019!

24 Jan 2019

Happy New Year from Harambee! As we gear up for the year ahead, we thank you for being on the journey of scale-up with us…

Partnership to equip 5,000 youth with digital skills

Key stakeholders in SA’s digital industries have partnered to create employment for youths. The organisations include…

Breaking Barriers November 2018

23 Nov 2018

10 steps to get young people working

28 Oct 2018

The summit, Accelerating Inclusive Youth Employment, which was hosted by Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator at…

We need to give youth a better deal in terms of jobs

22 Oct 2018

In a special message delivered on his behalf at the Accelerating Inclusive Youth Employment conference in Cape Town on…

7 ways to get young people working

04 Oct 2018

These seven insights are drawn from Breaking Barriers, a quarterly analysis that draws on data gained from our engagement…

Breaking Barriers August 2018

24 Aug 2018

Harambee is developing an alternative ‘Pathwaying Platform’

10 Aug 2018

In April, the annual Skoll World Forum brought together social entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss topics…

Google highlights our use of big data to solve youth unemployment

27 Jul 2018

On 25 July, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator was one of only two organisations featured on stage at the Google…

Three learnings for Harambee’s Lean Impact Pilot

25 Jul 2018

“We shifted our processes to focus on assessments that include – not exclude – and worked with employers to change their…

Harambee a ‘dating service’ that gets young South Africans into work

17 Jul 2018

Johannesburg – A few years ago, Thabo Ngwato’s job prospects looked bleak…

7th ‘most favourite’ brand in South Africa amongst low-income earners.

15 Jul 2018

Nominated for the 2018 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.


Breaking Barriers May 2018

24 May 2018

Global recognition for Harambee Contact Centre

01 May 2018

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator has been named a global trailblazer in customer experience innovation, receiving the…

Successfully bringing entry-level staff into an SME

15 Mar 2018

Small and medium businesses play an increasingly important role in improving the employment prospects of South Africa’s youth…

Breaking Barriers February 2018

24 Feb 2018

Breaking Barriers November 2017

24 Nov 2017

The art of recruitment for small businesses

09 Oct 2017

Many small business owners feel daunted at the prospect of hiring new staff, and with valid reasons…

Sisters are doing it for Barloworld Equipment

14 Aug 2017

“It’s not easy being a woman in a male dominated world but we are definitely going to make it!” This is the declaration of Mbali Dlalani…

Global Centre for Youth Employment Ideathon award

01 Jun 2017

From an open competition that saw 200 online submissions from 25 countries, 16 innovative ideas were selected by a panel…

Partnering with KFC to overcome barriers to youth unemployment

01 Sep 2016

KFC has been one of our anchor employers since 2014, with us providing candidates for team member roles such as kitchen workers…

Nomination for the Aspen Institute’s John P. McNulty Prize.

15 Sep 2015

This prize aims to galvanize efforts to address social, economic and political challenges by recognizing the very best in high…


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